Bleed / Shout Heal Hybrid



After testing over mutliple betas, I found this spec to be the most viable for 1v1 and group PvP.

4 heal shouts per cooldown. I know some would prefer "Lung Capacity" over "Shrug it off" in the tactics line, but I prefer the extra auto shout heal and condition removal. Each shout heals roughly 1300.

Bleed damage is only 58 base, up to 75 with buffs per tick. Not outstanding, but it stacks quickly with the 50% crit. Not to mention to 48% crit damage bonus.

Feel free to post comments or tweaks, always looking to improve it.

Author: Cux
Tags: pvp, sword/sword, rifle, utility
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Type: PVP
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1992 days ago

First of thx for contributing with your build, for me this is not an ideal build, mainly because of the 30 points in the Tactics trait tree. For me the traits u get at 5, 15 and 25 points (that u can’t choose or alter) are not good enough. The sad thing with what I noticed in gw2 BWE3 is that u basically have to put 10 points into most traits trees for them to be worth it. Therefor I would have moved the 10 points u got in Discipline into one of the other trait trees, mainly since u will most of the time be in Close combat and the buff for Warrior’s spirit isn’t that useful In my opinion. But I must say that I will probably try a tweaked spec of the one u have posted but with an axe sword combo. I wont have the leap but I will be able to cripple them so I can close the distance faster.

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