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The whole thing, because you should know what the build does

So I'm not going to try too hard to explain what I'm doing, just what I did different.

It's a pretty standard build for the Rifle/Bomb Engi. For those that don't know what it does, you basically use your tool kit skill from the Bomb Kit + Rifle skills to keep the enemy crowd controlled while shooting them to death. Here's some things I've noticed I've done a little different from the other builds and if you like it try it out, if you don't that's cool.

Rune of the Eagle: this is just a really solid rune for any build that's going to be critting people. Adds a nice bit of damage to your shots and the extra precision is handy for even more crit chance.

Sigil of Superior Air: 30% chance on crit to hit them with what is essentially a 1k lightning bolt on a 5s cooldown. Adds a nice bit of single target damage.

Throw Mine: I don't know why people use the battering ram skill. Don't get me wrong, it's great but Throw Mine is A) a ranged ability, B) on an 18s cooldown vs. a 45s cooldown, C) AoE, and D) fits with the theme. I enjoy it as an added bonus to helping me pick-up my downed teammates when there are stealthed thieves/mesmers/engi's trying to finish them off. Also works well for keeping them from picking up their downed comrades.

20 Points in Tools: One thing I've noticed is that these bomb engi builds don't have any points in tools. I love it so far, besides just the stats and CDR, here's some useful stuff I get out of it.

- Unlimited Swiftness: With good timing, Speedy Kits + Bomb Kit gives me unlimited swiftness whenever I want. It helps deal with the mobility problem and offers me a quick get-away with my mine and big bomb if I need to run.
- Static Discharge: it hits for about 300-400 damage, which is pretty free since I'm using my tool kit skills all the time. Just a nice little bit of oomph and no other skills really helped me out.
- Recharge all my toolbelt skills at low HP: More bombs and mines faster! nothing wrong with that.

Playstyle is similar to the other glass cannon builds, you should always win a 1v1 fight against anyone and any class. Be sure to keep an eye out for the thieves and warriors who will just rush you down and crit the crap out of you, and in group fights stay just out of reach of everyone with your rifle and plink away at them, maybe run in and throw a mine if need be. When it's safe that's when you can run in and set your big bomb and go nuts. As far as when and where to actually use the bomb kit... You won't be using it too often. Glue Bomb is useful when running away, and a lot of times when a Thief/Mesmer stealths near me and I know they're going to be trying to get in on me, I just equip the kit and lay all the bombs I can (I can't see them anyway, might as well AoE). Most of them aren't too damaging or too useful to be equipped all the time, but free damage is free damage.

Author: quarzark
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