Clerks Mezmer Burst


Mezmers Dont Need Class Mechanics Updated 8/30/12

DO Not Use Shatter or another class mech unless it will kill the person

Update switched out signet for dom for gate, gate is to useful in spvp allowing you to defend multiple bases.

Side note try the build its more survivable then you would think you have to be on top of your utilities but they ate up for every fight and your illusionary berserker snare people i kite people and just let the illusions kill them don't try to get up in their face. i find that i use my illusions then just tele and people tend to just fight my illusions they are probably baddies but it way to funny to watch them get eaten

Hey, This is my first guide i am clerk in game from Psi (Player Skill Issue)
This mezmer build will explode your enemies. In the scepter sword set your 4 and 2 are your dmg,in great sword 5 and 3 are the dmg, all the utilities are for escaping as your are squish. basic game play is use your dmg and kite around your clones should be hitting people for 4-7k. use Ur other abilities to stay alive and you should get the hang of it quick. used in combination with another player this spec melts people. i don't have time to finish the guide right now but if you have suggestions or comments plz leave them ill try to get around to updating the guide.

Player Skill issue

Author: clerk
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1966 days ago

You got allmost 19k hp and you cannot remove a single condition like ever unless you are playing with another messmer the whole time or a guardina I do not see you surviving anything that casts conditions on you.
It is true you got 2 blocks and a great escape combo Decoy >> blink but you do not provide anything for your team. No CC no condition removal which is expected of you since Null field is a must nowadays for a massmer or at least a phantsm dissenchanter. You can not tank in this current build, I don't think that you can do anything.
Also do not neglect the shatter mechanic you get out if it 3 s invulnerability, interuption and burst because 3 illiusions explode for something like 2k each which actually makes it 6k burst. Still with a spec like this it is true your illiusions will be useless.

1966 days ago

yeah i agree with alot of what you said but i honestly dont have many problem surviving at all blink and decoy save me all the time. but you have a lot of abilities to kite it is most certainly not a team oriented build unless you run this with 2 other mezmers in the same build like i do =)

1966 days ago

if anyone is looking for a specific build let me know all i do is spvp and i play all the classes except war

Player Skill Issue

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