Corrosive's stealth pistol/dagger



This is a work in progress and i would love everyones criticism

I think that this build has a lot of potential so if anyone notices andything that would make this build better please tell me.

This is also my first build.. just btw


This is mainly a stealth build, revolving around backstab and vulnerability.

I chose hide in shadows obviously because of the stealth but it also gives the most healing on use out of all of the heals.

I find shadow refuge to be the most useful out of all 3 utilities, you can use it for reviving teammates before the other team gets a stomp or use it so you dont take damage while stomping someone.. its also great for escaping if you need to. You could replace this with shadowstep if u wanted too, whatever.

Blinding powder is obviously another stealth but the blind is really good too.. as i said for shadow refuge u can also use this for revives.

Signet of shadows was the best that i could think of, the movement speed is extremely useful aswell as the blind

I think thieves guild is the best out of the 3 elites.. its almost like an auto win 1v1


I was just trying something new and i found this dagger/pistol combo to be actually pretty useful, I never liked pistol whip and i always loved backstab builds so i thought i would try to combine them and the dual wield abilities on these are really great when you use them together.


Since you will be switching weapon sets so often i thought intelligence would be really useful, considering this is a crit-based build. Sigil of rage is also really good for the 33% speed.

I chose knights amulet for the extra 5k hp.. you really cant go wrong there. I chose rune of the eagle because obviously.. its a crit build.


now this is kind of a toss up, you could either go with 30 in shadow arts and 0 in deadly arts for the rejuv on stealth skill, which is really nice, or you could go with what i have here for a bit extra damage, not much though, also vulnerability is great for this build, you will find yourself using body shot a lot.


you can play around with this build however you want, it does take a lot of coordination for this to work though. what i like to do is start out in pistol/dagger.. body shot.. cloak and dagger for stealth.. switch to dagger/pistol and backstab or you can sneak attack in pistol/dagger.. this combination will do a lot of damage really fast. usually a 2k+ cloak and dagger and a 5k+ backstab, from there you can just heartseeker or continue to backstab using utility stealths, one con to this is that you dont have cloak and dagger on your backstab weapon set.

Shadow strike in combination with shadow shot can be extremely useful, although they dont do the best damage they can be used for kiting or just putting out a lot of pressure.

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1863 days ago

Hi, I'm using almost the same trait usage as you. I'm mainly using pistol/dagger, and switch to dagger/dagger if I go for the KO with heartseeker.

Shouldn't you use Pistol mastery (5% extra pistol damage) and Ankle shots (60% on causing cripple on your opponent when you have a cripple hit).

That with the hidden killer (100% critical hit chance while in stealth) will give you a pretty big chance on cripple when using sneak attack. With the maxed out critical trait line you'll have a big chance on critical hits anyway so you will cause cripple on your opponents all the time. When they're crippled you can easily use cloak and dagger, switch to your dagger and backstab them.

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