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this build, if played right, grants very high survivability (protection, perma vigor) with good damage output; thanx to stacks from sigil of bloodlust you should have additional 250 power all the times (it's almost like additional 25 points in fire magic!)

- you should have 40% crit chance (fury from auras and attunement swapping almost all the time) --> proc for vigor, so use dodges a lot for active defences
- generally wins 1v1 situations and most 2v1; also can keep busy 3 ppl defending point for some time (and flee with a4 if low on health; tip: disable autotargeting!)
- in teamfights grants great support (shocking and frost auras on ALL nearby allys, aoe knockdown (e4), aoe blowout (a5), immobilize (e3), boons, healing) while dishing out serious dmg (also aoe ;))
- good for initiating teamfights

- vulnerable to boon stripping (but its not very often, but still play care aginst specific necros builds)
- can't kill some good bunker guardians alone - gonna end in endless fight
- a4 and e3 are bugged sometimes...


feel free to change arcane shield to lightning flash or mist form; i just find arcane shield more useful (backstab thieves, stomping)


//meant for play with random team aginst random teams//

Map begins:
- start with staff, drop e2, followed by a5, arcane wave and a4 for massive swiftness then switch to daggers
- lazy way: switch from earth to air -->a3-->a4--->f3--->w4-->wait till air went off cd, cap first point and head to another

Fight 'for dummies' (team vs team):
- initating: target enemies that are close to each other (or someone that is glass cannon) a3 (so that your teammates get it too, also NEVER use it while rtl'ing becuse u sometimes wont get fury --> a4 -->a5

now we have 2 options:
1. enemy don't know whats happening: fire ->f3->arcane wave->f5 (if target is burning, if not f4 and then f5)-->f4-->f2
a. need to heal badly? (water --> glyph, w4, w3, w5, w2; if u are very scared also pop arcane shield) if not skip that and change to earth:
2. (you gonna use it also if your team is still far away after your initiation or if u see that enemies try to focus u) e4 -->e2 (by now your allies should come if they are really slow, they extreme glass cannons would probably be downed), if u feel that u are pretty safe reposition and start channelling e5 (also pop arcane shield if u see that someone might try to interrupt u; while cating it switch to water and pop w4 - fury + regen + heal on changing attunement), if not just dodge in water casting heal, w5 and do all that staff that could keep u alive (by now if things get really wrong u could just flee with rtl)

so that is the simplificed view of starting teamfights with this build.


using your elite skill:
1. fire --> when u need dmg (ie destroying treb)
2. air --> i consider it as good choice for teamfights (chance for stun and daze with its attacks)
3. water --> aoe freeze + heals is good when fighting multiple oponnents alone
4. earth - nope.


- in general almost like initiating teamfight, but i usually prefer to start with fire:
f3--> arcane wave --> f5 -->f4, if i see that he will die fast a4->a5->a3->e3->e2->e4->e5, if have balanced build then w3, w4 ->w5 ->w2 and then air

tanking many enemies:
- get vigor from crits and dodge !
- dont dodge when u have shocking aura, let them be stunned
- w4 and w3 grants chill effect - use it for kiting
- even more dodges
- remember to change to water (eventually earth) when finishing healing with glyph
- changeing to water removes conditions
- if u see that u gonna die flee with a4 (followed by f3 if needed)

glory farming

due to mix of mobility and survival its great build for gaining glory (in most matches u will end up first in team, getting 250-350+ depending on team size)

some tips:
- if it is possible try to stay on points, to get defender/assaulter bonuses while killing enemies
- due to aoe dmg u will get points from almost every enemy that has been finished near u

- if someone is downed, and u didnt attacked him before, u can still get points from kill if u deal enough dmg to his downed state (by simply casting finisher u wont)

- if there are downed enemies in teamfights that someone already started to finishing feel free to roam to another point; no point for wasting time (if there are no more nearby enemies of course)


i'm not a native speaker, but hope that it's readable ;)

this build also works well in wvw (but in sieges change for staff and swap traits (blasting staff in arcana, +20%dmg in air) and can be used for general pve as well (get 10 points from water to arcana and take evasive arcana trait)

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