Flexible Regen Warrior Build (PVE)


Introduction/ Quick Overview

This is a fairly flexible build that I've been using for my warrior (This may be expensive and time consuming). When properly geared this build has great survivability and very good damage, due in part to it's high toughness, regen, and a critical hit chance that will be near 50% at it's lowest (Sounds good, but the crit damage is lower than the average "berserk" warrior, but when more than half your blows go critical it more than evens out). I've had pretty good results running this build in both dungeons and WvW, in many circumstances this build can easily go toe to toe with dangerous dungeon bosses, so long as you are familiar with the fight and know when and when not to stand near them (dodge and move when necessary). I've recently run this build in Fractals and had a fairly easy time due in part to the builds good regen and a good healer.

As of now this is my stat set if you follow this guide exactly:

Lvl 80 Warrior:

Traits/Skills; above


POWER: 1992
VITALITY: 1066 (Your Health will be lower than an average warrior, This build sacrifices the warriors normally high hp for high toughness. The low HP is offset by really high regen which is the result of the "Healing Signet" "Adrenal Health" and the quite poor health regen from the Dolyak Rune.
ATTACK: 3092
ARMOR: 3318
HEALTH: 19872


This build is all about the Greatsword. I like the rifle as a secondary, but you can easily tweak it for a bow, but will have to sacrifice firing distance if you choose to do so.


The Greatsword and the damage it does is the most important aspect of this build; with high crit chance and sweeping damage this build can be great for crowd control, but I will warn you the damage this build puts out will draw a lot of enemy attention, so be prepared to jump out of the pile to switch to a ranged weapon when needed; especially in dangerous groups. (The dogs in TA, or the godforged lot in CoF are good examples)


This one is up to personal preference. On my Greatsword I use the Superior Sigil of Earth, because this build has high crit chance, you can use this sigil for good bleed damage (When fully geared at 80 you can easily go toe to toe and solo lower lvl champs, I've gotten my bleed stacks to the mid teens a few times while soloing these types.)

On your ranged weapon I recommend The Superior Sigil of Blood: Because of this builds reckless ability to stand on top of enemies you will at times find yourself in need of backing off while your HP regens (Usually takes less than 30 secs when below 20%) This extra help with regen will get you back in the fight quicker! You could theoretically use this for your greatsword to stay in the fight longer, but I would recommend the bleeding damage, as the blood signet won't help that much if you are really getting pounded!

Stat Types for Weapons:

I'm using "Berserker's" type Max exotics for my weapon's. The reason for this, other than the extra power and precision, was the "CRITICAL DAMAGE" boost, which is otherwise absent from this build.

Armor (And all the other Crap that Makes the World Go Round)


This is by far the area with the least compromise! And just warning you this took me a long time! The Armor set that needs to be with this build to work properly is the "Knight's" Max exotic sets. This can be a pain because you may find that the armor types offered in this style aren't to your liking or you may have to buy them, which can get pricy. But once you have a fully operational "Knight's" set (POWER, PRECISION, TOUGHNESS) you can use transmutation stones and a lot of dungeon runs to get yourself as sexified as you see fit.


Along with this set you'll want to gather six Superior Doylak Runes. This is now quite expensive, but the price when I bought them was around 70S a piece; unfortunately now the price is now near 3G a piece (Yikes!) The only reason I used these runes was the extra "VITALITY" and "TOUGHNESS" which seems to be a rare pairing in the runes (The extra Vitality should put you just under 20k HP). There is also regen when all 6 are equipped, but it is pitifully low! I think it ticks for 30HP every second or so; the regen result is near non-existent when compared to the regen from the Healing Signet and Adrenal healing which can easily keep you alive in all but the hairiest fights.

RINGS And What Have You:

Continuing in the armor tradition try to gather the best of the best "Knight's" stat types for you rings and accessories, then socket them with Exquisite Emerald Jewel's to amplify the effect.

Gameplay/ Conclusion

Up close and Personal:

Anyone who has played Warrior can't deny it's a somewhat squishy for someone who wants to stand in the face of their enemy and beat them to a fine paste. But with high toughness, great regen, and moderate HP your fears can be somewhat lessened, in fact with a good healing companion in dungeons I feel invincible at times.

Basic Strategy:

The strategy for this is fairly straight forward: beat the crap out of enemies with your sword, NEVER EVER use your built up adrenaline (It's what is keeping you alive!), and keep your regen as full as possible, when the pain is just too much; do something about it!

Condition Management:

"Shake It Off" is good for removing a pesky condition that might trump your regen. Plus it will also cure a condition from your nearby allies (BROWNIE POINTS!) Signet of Stamina is also great, while inactive it will let you dodge more which is key in tight quarters, but the reason this is important is just in case the end all of condition crap storms hits you and tries to quickly empty your HP, activating this signet will heal ALL YOUR conditions.


There's no denying that sometimes it's just not enough... If you think yo can just lazily stand around like a juggernaut without some evasion you are dead wrong... mostly dead. To my knowledge there isn't a perfectly lazy build for melee fighters that can't result in an instant down if you're not careful. That being said, prepare to WOW a few people with your ability to stay in the fight without fleeing or dieing. First strategy is to recognize "POWER" moves, more or less overpowered moves that will quickly end you, A lot of moves can be dodged, even more can be avoided all together because they are directional (Meaning don't stand in front of them when they "drop the hammer") Other circumstances will occur, keeping your regen at full (AKA no decay conditions; poison, bleeding, burning) might not be enough. You will come across powerful physical attacks that really hurt, in that case just roll out of the melee range and switch to a ranged weapon while your hp replenishes (doesn't take that long, Near 10% 45 seconds without Signet of blood, near 40 to 35 secs with it, with a good healer a few seconds is all it takes) Once your HP is back to a lvl you are comfortable with roll back in sword drawn, rinse repeat until all the things that want to kill you die.

TO CLOSE THIS UP (Things to do, or not to do)

1: Let your adrenaline build up to full, then NEVER use it.
2: Keep your regen at 100% Do your best to keep decay conditions off "Shake It Off" and "Signet of Stamina"
3: Only use the Healing Signet if you are really close to death. Do not use it then keep within melee range, use it while retreating.
4: Try not to let your health get below 20% without allowing yourself time to regen.
5: If the worst happens, and it might! Use "Endure Pain" it will make you invulnerable to damage for a few seconds, using it in combination with "Healing Signet" can keep you alive long enough to get into a ranged friendly zone if you screw up bad. "Endure Pain"------THEN---->"Healing Signet"
6: "Signet of Rage" in this build is free to use as you please. Since you never expel your adrenaline because it's your life blood, then not activating it is quite pointless, it will give you a little extra damage when you need it the most, it is also really useful if you find yourself in a group of people who want to run past an enemy rather than fight (Grants Swiftness).
7: You're strong on your feet! Assuming you failed to dodge an obvious "Knock Down" power attack you will have a buff where you are unable to be tossed or otherwise immobilized again for a few seconds. Again if you find your movement effected, your toughness is increased by 200, this can help a bit if you are crippled and can't limp away fast.
8. This is really important. There are a few fights that are really range only types (TA TREE for example) This build isn't meant to make these fights non-existent, it's to increase survivability and to go toe to toe with a few bosses that can be melee'd but ppl tend to stand away from them.

All in all I'm very satisfied with this build, can't really offer a complaint at this point other than the sheer cost of this build (Armor dependent), it really should be used as a guide for a warrior that hasn't committed to a prior path.

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