Green Bomberman For Fun Only


I don't know why my brain got stuck on this image of a half crazed Engineer running around like a maniac plopping down a bomb every few seconds that heals his friends and hurts his enemies.

So this is what i came up with for synergy:
Evasive Powder Keg -- dodging = bomb (no cooldown listed)
Elixir infused Bomb = Bomb becomes AE heal + normal effect

Dodging to make bombs takes alot of endurance.
Using any toolbelt skill restores 10%
Swapping back to rifle restores 50%
Swapping to any kit (bombs or medkit) grants swiftness which in turn grants vigor
Every 10 seconds, using a healing skill will completely refill your endurance

Chose rifle because its good at both creating space and closing gaps

Bomb kit utility includes blind, confusion, immob/crip and sets up its own combo attacks for you
Med kit increased utility for more traditional healing via packaged stimulants.

I know this will not be anyone's choice for competitive PVP but it sounded like fun so I decided to share.

Author: Merfer
Tags: Healing Bombs
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