Guardian Bunker/Anti-Bunker/Offensive Bunker



In the runes i use 4 runes of the earth and 2 runes of melandru, i use these runes for both of the bonus's they give me, to me they are just to good to pass up, now on the weapons, since i can put all of it, the best i can do is explain it.

NOTE:I use Leaching on my Great sword/Hammer/Sword/Mace

In the Map Forest of Niflhel i use the Mace/Shield - Hammer set up because i find that set up to be the most viable on this map since i am on keep almost all of the time.

In the Map Legacy of the Foefire i use Mace/Shield - Great sword combo, the great sword works better for me on this map because its so open in the graveyard, the hammer can only punt people out of the cap point if placed just right, i find the utility and combo's from the great sword to be so much more helpful on this map.

In the Map Battle of Kyhlo i use Sword/shield - Hammer combo because it helps with keeping people off the clock tower point and then when i get knocked off the point i can use the number 2 ability from my sword to get right back up on the point.

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