hammer/ sword/axe High dmg; high defense build.


This build is a pretty ok build with some high stats. It's great for pvp and I hope you guys like it

The hammer is more for larger groups and the sword and axe more for single targets. I recommend using stomp often for it will save you from a lot of damage. also people underestimate the power of endure pain. it only lasts for 5 seconds but that's 5 seconds you can use a healing skill when your on the brink. then in that unfortunate event that you do die you can use vengeance and kill a probably already weakened foe and not worry about not being able to be to rally.

for the amulets sigils ect. that are on the weapons and in the pack just buy them at the Trading post it's the easiest way and there stats are very good.

this build is all about dmg with pretty decent defense. so putting 30 in power was a given then 20 in defense. 20 is also given to discipline so you can also use the sword/axe combo effectivly

just like in any other build you should probably be moving around a bit otherwise your probably fucked. (unless you just knocked em the hell down then ground and pound that bitch or bitches.)

I didn't really go over how to play with the build because i figured different people will want to use it in different ways but I'd appreciate some feedback on it. thank you.

Author: tadams
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