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Hi folks! :)
(again sry about my english)

ive been looking through some PVE builds, and, there is no build that explains the lvling 1-80.
well... im not lvl 80 my self tho..... im lvl 43 atm. but i feel like someone should at least try to help those who doesnt get it all right form the beginning.
Ranger was my first char btw. So this buld may not suit you so well, but ive had a easy time lvling up with this. I also have tryed out several spells and combinations. But i feel like i can relax and just play harmfully with this.
ofcourse ive died many times, but at that moment i just wantet to push it to see where my limits are as a ranger:p...

So, what im going to do here is simply telling you how you should play with my build. Including weapon choise, how to fight, why im using this spells, some spells can be swapped with a other spell ofc.

so have fun reading this, i gues ^^,



first of all!
im using shortbow and longbow to this build cos i want to do dmg and stay at long range. I used greatsword from lvl 5-35... but, i recommed axe-horn as meele, and shortbow as ranged.
by using two ranged weapons you have to know that you got heavy dmg. I use shortbow as much as possible, even when i pull tons of creeps. often when that happends i have to kite like a crazy moron... so swith to longbow and set traps together with the elite spell.

im not setting a sigil on weapons as you can see. i chose not to do that cos its kinda careless what you choose here. i had +power, +vitality on sigils cos i didnt understand much when i started gameing.... ^^

try take some +crit%, +power, +vitality. (im not a expert when it comes to sigils tho)


there isnt much i can say about the pets but, as pets i use raven / jungle spider or murellow. you can also choose jungle spider/ murellow, but i like the raven cos of his bleed. thats my opinion...

-the murellow got a aoe poison wich i like very much.
-if you are going up against solo targets, then choose jungle spider or raven.

as that is said... i havnt tested out so many pets... i have just tested out few and made my choise wich i wont change so easily :p....


The spells is based on aoe dmg and slow - kite.
i would say, swap out the, with
you get more bleed with this and wil be able to kill the creature faster.

if you are having a hard time killing mobs. choose this instead

try to use elite skill when you got CD(cool downs) on all spells and are low at health.
that will make you time to heal up, set new traps, and continue dmg.


start with
10 points on marksmanship
10 points on skirimishing
5 points on Beastmastery
5 points on wilderness survival
5 points on Beastmastery
5 points on wilderness survival

as you get to lvl begin to focus on skirimishing
and continue with wilderness survival

and thats how far ive gotten on the traits my self....



as ive said earlier here. you want to stay at the long range. you have chosen the ranger for a reason m8 ;P... so kiting is a must here ofc....

as i lvled up i started to attack a creature. if that creature got to close to me i started setting up traps on eachother,
set first and 2nd. - as 3rd -
and by doing that, you should get a fine small burst.
so i didnt have to keep running all the time. running only backwards may be stupid sometimes... so try to run in circles. set traps, USE PET SKILL F2 as much as possible.

if you are dealing with a group of mobs. then start think about your aoe dmg. use the Murellows F2 after setting out the traps. allways do that. cos by doing that you got a group of mobs with slow. and your Murellows need som time to use the spell. so in the end you will have 4/5 aoe spells against groups. 5 aoe spells if you use longbow.

if you choose to use this spell
then try to remember it. i often forgot that spell as i killed mobs.


I will come with updates as i get higher lvl, come up with new tips, or whatever.
so have fun! please comment and tell me if you think something here needs a change :)


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