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Hello and welcome to my mesmer build.
Since this is a build and not a guide I'm not going to explain anything and you'll have to figure out how to use it on your own. However, if you have questions, you can ask me in the game (Forgotten Steak).

This is a shatter-build in open-world pve and a phantasm build in dungeons. - Use Hounds of Balthazar in open-world pve if you are a human. Change between Pistol and Focus depending on the situation.

If you go into a dungeon you should switch Blink to Phantasmal Defender, Mirror Images to Feedback or Null Field (depends on the situation) and Signet of Domination to Illusion of Life.

If you go to Twilight Arbor, a GreatSword might be necessary since the Staff is bugged in destroying the flowers.

The traits in this build should be also changed in dungeons:
-Mental Torment (I) into Empored Illusions (III)
-Blade Training (IV) into Phantasmal Fury (II)
-Warden's Feedback (VIII) into Persisting Images (V)
-Precise Wrack (I) into Compounding Power (III) and Illusionary Elasticity (VII) into Phantasmal Haste (X)

Since this build has 25 Points in Inspiration you'll have tons of HP for a mesmer (I've got about 19,3k and only have a lvl 65 rare set). You don't have any points in Chaos but you can compensate the missing Toughness with the runes you are using.

Author: ForgottenSteak
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