Minute Warrior



1: To burst down players once every minute.
2: To steal boss kills for 25 points
3: To avoid being killed and giving the opposing team points


To begin with, this build will destroy one opponent each minute. The goal is to always be in combat when that minute happens and to avoid situations in which one may die between these minute intervals.

Upon spotting your opponent, use Greatsword skill 5 - Rush

Once opponent has dodged (or not)

Activate in this order:
Signet of Rage
Endure Pain (if multiple opponents or focus fired)
Bull's Rush
Thousand Blades

Upon Thousand Blades, either activate #3 Greatsword skill through your opponent or switch weapons and Eviscerate (Burst Skill) with Axe/Shield into a Skill 4 Shield stun.

At this point, your opponent is likely dead, if not continue to damage with axe/shield until weapon swap is up and proceed with Greatsword abilities.

Mending is to be used after the first activation sequence when needed.

Avoiding Death

Greatsword Abilities 3 and 5 allow you to avoid death. If you find yourself being focus fired, use shield skill 5 to endure damage and hope allies arrive.
Author: Rinku
Tags: Warrior, Burst
Views: 1235
Type: PVP
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2036 days ago

zero condition removal, yet another glass cannon build with no survivability.

"To begin with, this build will destroy one opponent each minute.."
-not going to happen when you're constantly waiting to respawn.

2003 days ago

Too glass cannon and you literally cant do anything after the combo.
I suggest rethinking your traits you can get a lot more damage and be a lot tankier with more thought.

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