Necromancer: Out for BLOOD!


Basic Notes

Necromancer: Out for Blood

THE CORRECT ARMOR RUNES ARE: 2x Afflicted, 2x Centaur, 2x Krait (+15% bleed duration x3.) -OR- 6x Undead

The displayed radius of marks sometimes does not increase when Greater Marks has been learned. However, the actual radius of the spells has increased. This is a current bug. It can be advantageous since people will not know the true radius of your marks. Also, the radius of Chillbains is awkward in such a way that the improved radius displays in the game, and enemies will trigger Chillbains at the improved radius, but the bloody spell itself only has the unimproved radius. This means that if someone triggers Chillbains at the improved radius, then they won't receive any conditions unless they were also inside the normal radius of the mark. So, place Chillbains directly on your target, instead.

Use your Marks, (Staff,) wisely to get a few stacks of bleeding on your foe, then follow up with Grasping Dead, (Scepter,) and Enfeebling Blood, (Dagger.) Use your Scepter/Dagger skills to finish off your opponent.

Use your Staff in AoE situations.

When an opponent has a lot of bleeding stacks, use Epidemic to spread them to other nearby enemies.

Example rotation: Mark of Blood - Blood is Power - Corrupt Boon - Deathly Swarm - Grasping Dead - Enfeebling Blood - Blood Curse (Chain x3)

Blood is Power, (can be over 15 seconds of bleed,) puts some bleeding on you. This can be transferred to the enemy by using Deathly Swarm, (Dagger.) The long bleed from Blood is Power is valuable when spread with Epidemic.

There are multiple ways to get rid of, or transfer the negative conditions that you apply to yourself: Putrid Mark - Consume Conditions - Deathly Swarm

When an opponent buffs themselves with every boon known to man, or to get rid of a pesky Retaliation boon; Corrupt Boon - Epidemic - Deathly Swarm

Author: Riven Darkmind
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1956 days ago

When I tried to come up with a bleed-heavy spec your trait and weapon choices are similar to what I came up with at first glance myself. However, I disagree with pretty much everything else. Your utility skills all give you conditions without any contained way of removing those conditions--and to make matters worse you're taking Well of Blood instead of Consume Conditions. Even if you did take Consume Conditions, the cooldowns on the utility skills line up so poorly that you can only use 1-2 of them at a time in order to purge the conditions with CC. If you can't be convinced to take Consume Conditions, I'd suggest at least dropping one of your utility skills (probably Corrupt Boon) for Well of Power. The amulet choice which offers a vaguely moderate boost to vitality with no toughness is not particularly wise either. I'd make more suggestions but it'd basically be rewriting the entire build at this point.

1956 days ago

If you read my notes you will notice that you can remove the conditions that you apply to yourself with Deathly Swarm.

Consume Conditions is a great choice for PvP as well.

There are multiple possibilities for amulet choices, as with many builds. I swap between Carrion and Rabid amulets in PvP.

Corrupt Boon should only be used on a buffed target. Epidemic can then spread the conditions to all enemies nearby.

1956 days ago

You could swap in Well of Power as long as you don't mind having it be a PBAoE instead of Ground Targeted.

1948 days ago

I am still having success with this build. I've updated it on this site to reflect my recent changes.

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