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This is how I have been playing my thief for a while in dungeons/PvE environments.
I find having a sword useful, as there very rarely are straight single target fights, and the sword hit more targets than your daggers do. It is also high autoattack damage, and the sword has the great addition of the second weapon skill, making you very mobile as well.

Why not a pistol offhand then? Well, I do like the combo of S/P, but it makes you very stationary, having to spam pistolwhip. The dager offhand provides aoe snare, and stealth respectively. Making you able to stack vulnerability, and also interrupt those bosses, the same way as pistolwhip does.

Gear, sigils, and stats

I recommend full berserker gear for this build. Though you can easily just use another set and do comparable damage. A soldier set would add tons more survivability to add up for those fuck ups you may or may not do.

I prefer as little rng as possible. Hence I like having flat dmg increases on both my weapons. Therefore I use Superior Sigil of Force on my sword MH and also on my SB. Superior Sigil of Accuracy on the dagger to add more crit (since I can't use Sigil of Force on OH, they do not stack).

For runes, I personally started using Superior Rune of the Wurm, just to add a little bit of survivability, while still adding damage.

Traits and gameplay

Obviously, this is a damage build, but it's not pure glass cannon.

30 in Critical Strikes is a great source of damage for any direct damage thief. I pick up side strike, critical haste, and executioner. You may also swap out one of the first two for some more vitality if you want to (e.g go for practiced tolerance), but don't mock critical haste until you have tried it. Unlike the utility skill "Haste" it does not drain all your endurance.

25 in Deadly Arts is mostly to add more power. I pick up either sundering strikes or mug, then I have the odd choice of picking venom recharge speed up. Remember 25 pts in DA makes you do 10% more damage to targets with a condition, and swords dont deliver poison on autohit. It does however inflict cripple, and weakness, but having a poison on there from the get go is something I personally like. Swap the second major trait out as you wish.

Now here is where many players go and spec the 15 remaining points in trickery. That's also the best option for adding more damage (Thrill of the crime, or Flanking strikes). However, I put my remaining points into acrobatics. Picking up the vigorous recovery trait, it synergizes very well with a low cooldown heal, making you able to dodge even more attacks. Feline Grace also essentially gives you another dodge before you are out of endurance. To me, thieves cant take damage, almost no matter what the build! You have to dodge, even the glass cannons have to do that, so spending some points in acrobatics adds a lot of survivability.

So here are some basics for this build:
Using a sword in your MH, you can get in, do damage, and get out quickly. Engage in combat with the number 2 skill, and make sure you always port back again before it runs out. This way, you always have a means of escape if you get stunned or receive a nsaty condition you want to get rid off.

Spend initiative on cloak and dagger, and daze from behind. Flanking strike is also neat for removing boons of your target, and like pistolwhip, it puts you in a short evade mode.

Using Withdraw as your healing skill just adds another way for you to get the hell out of the situation if you are in melee range and doom is incoming. Because of the low cd, you can keep a high uptime on vigor as well.

I always go with shadow refuge for stealth resses or just a life saver for myself. In dungeons like AC and maybe even CoF, remember that you can put down your refuge, watch your stealth buff, and wait til it reaches 10 seconds. You can skip those gravelings in ac very easy that way. Feel free to swap your acrobatics trait to 50% more speed in stealth at the same time. Making you run past almost every graveling unseen.

For the last utility skill, I usually swap this a lot. Feel free to add whatever you like, may it be survivability, signets, or even more venoms!

Last but not least, I have to talk about the elite skill. For a thief in PvE, this is pretty straight forward. Dagger storm is best for many targets, and Thieves guild does the most single target damage.

PS: I didn't talk about short bow, but essentially, short bow is best used imo for large scale AoE and if you need to wait for your heal in case melee range can kill you. Short bow is also the weapon that makes you the most mobile I think. Great for evading lots with your number 3 skill. Dont forget that skill number 5 is also a blind if you teleport onto something!

Thank you very much for reading this far! I hope you can find something useful in this build, and feel free to ask any questions. We need more builds for PvE on this site :)

- Oxmodius (Far Shiverpeaks, EU)

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