Ranger Condition + traps TPvP / SPvP


hey guys, this build is very nice and i played him best in TPvP!
With this build you was nice in Team fights, roaming and Pointholding!
I play him most at Pointholder! Very nice at the point are the traps, you take 3 traps on the point and wait, the enemy become all 3 traps, than go in fights and make new 3 traps and no chance for the enemy ;)

Watch my stream and Enjoy it : http://de.twitch.tv/black_guard

Team Lunatic - Blacky

Author: Black_Guard
Tags: Condi ranger pointholder roamer teamfights
Views: 14232
Type: PVP
Rating: 100% 2 voteup 0 votedown

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1584 days ago

fun build, works great +1

1563 days ago

Thx ;)

1561 days ago


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