Ranger tournament Build


My own Ranger Build in sPvP Tournament

For my streamers and folower,

Chaine youtube

I use the short bow because it is the one that offers the most control with the 4 and 5. It also has an escape with his 3.
The horn and the ax has allowed me to enjoy myself and also for my team a good speed bonus, as well as four interesting with the ax!
Level jewelry, I recommend berzeker combined rampager to have a good dps and a good chance to crit.
Spells of 6-0, while the area heals very interresant for group heal and also to challenge the points or defense.
Protect me, for survivability, a must for the prowler, ideal for Svanir / chief and another big beast.
Zephir accelerating for a big "burst"
Bookmark for renewal of a purge, also works on allies.
And finally Entrangle for effective control area.

Author: VeGeTa
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