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> Intro

Hey guys! This will be the first guide I have written for a game so please do give constructive criticism on both the theory and the layout/writing of this guide.

This build is focused on keeping you and your allies alive while you take the beating. If this doesn't really sound like something you'd like to do then this guide probably isn't worth reading.

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Sections are as follows:

    * Weapon Choice/Gear

    * Alternative Weapon Choice

    * Skills

    * Traits

    * Conclusion

> Weapon Choice/Gear


This will be your supportive weapon as it gives great buffs and utility with its spells (namely #2 - #5)
As the staff provides the ability to attack enemies from a range, you'll also be able to aid your allies in getting off a few hits on far away enemies before you engage them. It also reduces how annoying the encounters with flying enemies can be.


Using mace on your main hand will provide you and the other melee allies around you (e.g Warriors, Ranger's pets etc) healing and buffing WHILE you deal damage. Although the heal amount on the 3rd hit of the mace chain isn't significant, it can provide that extra bit of sustain to your team.

The shield is purely there for defensive you would expect of a shield. The shield can help if you accidentally pulled too many enemies (using #5 as a knockback) and can provide prote] for up to [b]5 allies.


You want to be looking for gear with the following stats (in no particular order) -



    Healing Power

Slotting weapons with Sigils of Water will help with the healing aspect of the build

> Alternative Weapon Choices


The greatsword is an ideal weapon for guardians who enjoy the thrill of charging in to initiate on a whole mob of enemies. The #5 pull into a #3 whirl brings a large group of enemies right on top of you. If you live through this, its great for your team as it makes AoE-ing a whole heap easier. If you don't...well it still does the same thing. (You should just hope your elementalist does a bit more than drop your framerate and let you rally)


I got laughed at by a mate for using a torch but I honestly don't see why. It's an amazing offhand item but its more offense oriented. I'd keep one in my bag in case I'll be initiating on a large mob OR we'll be facing an enemy with a large amount of conditions as #4 will do a heap of damage AND clear conditions from your allies

> Skills

> Signet of Resolve

This does seem like a selfish choice for a support/tank but when you have a think about it. The thing is, Healing Breeze has a channel time and it heals in a cone. People are going to be jumping and getting thrown around the place, AND they have their own heals so I personally don't find it as effective.

Combined with it's passive to remove a condition every 10 seconds AND heal for a truckload, I also find it to be better than Shelter

> "Save Yourselves!"

This is an all around great spell. It gives you a heap of buffs if you're solo-ing with no disadvantage, If you are in a group, it can take all those nasty bleeds and such off your allies.

> Contemplation of Purity

I took this spell so that it could be chained with the previous one. You convert your conditions to boons so you ideally want your team to be suffering as much as possible before you whip out this combo. Keep an eye on your party status if you are with a party.

The chosen traits and Signet of Resolvein this build already provide a firm resistance against conditions to keep you healthy under normal circumstances when you aren't chaining this spell with "Save Yourselves!"

> Merciful Intervention

Combined with the traits, this skill will heal both you and your ally for a decent amount. I find that this spell to be a useful tool for escaping as your allies are usually the ones AWAY from the mass of monsters (assuming they're ranged classes like elementalists and such) so if you find you may have bit off more than you can chew, you're 1 key away from blinking out...unless of course the warrior next to you is on lower health.

> Tome of Courage

As the description states. A set of powerful support spells. Doesn't lie. What else can I say? (Probably a bit more than this.)

2 or 3 of your spells will break stun so you can stay on your feet to continue taking damage and healing your team without looking like a piece of meat being tenderized by an angry mob of Risen Abominations.

> Traits

For the most part, the traits are quite self explanatory. We're focusing on the ability to survive and heal allies through meditations which we are reducing the cooldowns of.

You grant your allies Aegis when you activate Virtue of Courage so a trait has been chosen to enhance the defensive nature of this skill by healing when Aegis is broken.

You'll be taking quite the beating in the fray so the 2 main traits taken in the Virtues line are to keep you alive and well by helping you while you are knocked down or stunned and also to remove unwanted conditions when your Contemplation of Purity is on cooldown.

> Conclusion

Thanks a lot of reading this guide and I hope it was helpful in some way, even if it was so you could get a laugh out of how bad my theory was.

Please do leave some constructive feedback as I do hope to improve both my ability to write an to play as a Guardian.

I wish you all well on your adventures in Tyria ;)

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