This is the Survivomancer

This is a build I came up with while leveling. It's a very simple build that works really well when solo as well as really well in dungeons. Not so much in WvW/PvP however.

First and foremost, the Signet is situational in this sense: When solo, use locust, when grouping, use undeath. Obviously the locust one is for getting around when solo-ing but the undeath one is extremely useful in groups since there's a good chance you will be the last one not in downed state.

Spectral Grasp: Sure, you are giving up some amount of dps for this skill, but honestly, this skill is one crazy ass mother f*cker of a skill! It can pull single enemies from groups without aggroing the entire group. In solo play, a SG can save you from having to always fight major encounters(even though with this build you would be able to stroll though them anyways).

Corrosive Poison Cloud: Weakness. Not just any weakness, AREA weakness. and Poison. Do I need to explain any further? Yeah? *sigh* Weakness makes enemies hit softer, poison makes them heal 33% less. I had this skill in my build way before I left MM for this one. Highly effective skill, and the pros far outweigh the cons.

Well of Blood: since this build is mostly derived around supporting you and your team, I thought this well would be a good idea, and so far has not proven me wrong. It's saved plenty a team in fractals.

Lich form because its f*cking OP as shit! especially when a mesmer see's you in it and casts Time Warp on you. ALL THE DAMAGE!!! Lich form + swiftness is 4x, FOUR TIMES STRONGER THEN THE STAFF! Keep that in mind since next to the dagger main hand, staff is your strongest weapon imo.

Traits: Increased bleed duration, greater marks(req.) Death Shroud buffs, faster signet recharge, siphon all the health when you hit shit and faster recharge on your heal. All in all this is a GREAT build for any necro looking to fully support their team in any dungeon or keep themselves alive during Solo play.

May Grenth protect you! GL HF GG

PS: all armor and stat bonus' I leave up to you the community. I can't tell you how to play the game, but I can show you a really good build that's worked for me for a long time. It's not strong in any one section, but its not weak in any either. Its the Jack of all Trades Survivomancer build.

Author: FloydHunter
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