Suvival first


Last man standing.

This build is easy to understand.

Just keep 3 illusions on the spot,
you can solo that bear in full health without run/dodge, sometimes :p

The question is how to cosplay a clone (No run/dodge)
and survive in a burst (block/retreat/F4/stealth).

Cosplay a clone

This is a working part. Just take some notes here:

Get stealth ,summon clone and show up like a clone.

1. Combo with Phase Retreat (Staff 2) and Decoy(36s).
2. Combo with Illusionary Counter (Scepter 2) and The Prestige (Torch 4, 30s).
(NOTE:The Prestige (Torch 4) is a channeling-skill. Don't use skills or dodge.)

When 1 or 2 is ready, use the shatter skill and move.
Staff 1 is much better than Scepter 1.

If no stealth skill in hand, ...any suggestion?

Author: Leafing
Tags: phantom, stealth, cosplay
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Type: PVP
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