The Art of Confusion



Confusion deals damage each time an enemy executes an ability. With proper use of this mesmer build you will be able to stack up to 15 stacks of confusion on your target and lay on 4-6 on the others on the battle field. This means your target will nearly kill themselves for you while every other enemy will weaken themselves before you move on to engage them. This build is intended for group combat and is not recommended to those who primarily fight in 1v1 situations. The idea is to spread mass confusion debuffs to passively damage groups of enemy targets to either disable players who are low life by discouraging use of skills or quickly burn down a single target through massive return damage.


The staff is primarily supporting allied combatants with your AoE buffs and slowly damaging groups of enemy players through DoTs, blinds, and vulnerability. This weapon is used to set up the battlefield and secure positioning.

The scepter and torch combination should be switched to after laying down debuffs and your chaos storm and selecting a burn target. Use of the '3' in conjunction with the rest of the build will apply up to 14-15 stacks of the confusion debuff and severely limit the lifespan of your primary target.


There is plenty of room to improve or alter here according to your preference. I chose to try to maximize condition damage while trying to beef up toughness and vitality to survivable levels. Your job with this build is NOT to hit hard or crit often, but, rather, to survive as long as possible while dealing the most condition damage as possible.


The traits chosen are all based on the usage of the utility skills chosen. As all three skills are AoE glamour skills. Each skill dropped with immediately cause blindness and confusion from the illusion tree and then additional stacks of confusion each time an enemy enter or leaves any of the fields. Reduction of the cooldown and an increase in the duration of these skills allows them to provide their maximum potential of our desired confusion debuff.


Null field is extremely useful against foes that stack boons (such as Guardians) and negates most of the damage from other DoT builds such as bleed thieves/warriors or burn elementalists

Feedback just simply reflects projectiles making it very useful against bow rangers or gun thieves/warriors; just make sure they're on the other side of the bubble.

Portal usage should only be thought of a last resort survival tool as its primary usage is to team movement. Do not use this ability should not be used for 'portal kiting' as when you start to depend on that to survive you'll be screwed in few seconds when the portal closes, if you want to use it to survive then place it on a ledge and down below so that you can ESCAPE not FLEE. Proper use of portal can make EVERY fight for any control point on the map a fight in which your team outnumbers the opponent. Dropping your first portal on the center control point on a map then running to another point means your team can quickly reinforce either point with greater numbers at any time making it impossible for the enemy team to take either point. It is VERY important not to leave either portal in the middle of a fight location as it will not be possible to "finish" downed foes that fall on a portal exit/entry.

Using this Build

This build relies on your opponents running around through your fields as quickly and often as your can encourage them to do so in order to increase your damage. It is important that your allies are aware of what you do on the battlefield so that their positioning and fighting style can gain the greatest benefit from all your hard work.

Positioning your glamour skills properly will greatly effect the outcome of any battle that you engage in. I have found that first using Feedback (which casts on enemy rather than the ground) and then null field slightly overlapping the bubble maximizes stacks of confusion on most targets and creates a death zone for your foes while providing a large sanctuary for your allies.

It is wise to point out that each of your glamour abilities create a field that can be used by allies to combo. Projectile, Leap, and Whirl combo finishers cast in your death zone will also add to any stacks of confusion the target has greatly enhancing your synergy with thieves and warriors. While inside of your chaos storm these same combo finishers provide chaos armor to allies further debuffing enemy heroes attacking your teammates.

Author: Hyvin
Tags: Confusion, Support
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Type: PVP
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2018 days ago

I like this build much better than alot of other condition builds ive tried. I like the synergy of blindness and confusion with the glamours. Great Build I will have to try this one out. +1

2015 days ago

Thank you for your comment. I think that it might be useful to change this build by using a Carrion's amulet instead of Rabid to up attack and vitality at the cost of some toughness. I feel this is a better option as with Rabid the precision goes to waste on a measly 2200 attack rating.

2015 days ago

Nice! :D +1

2015 days ago

Thanks Vyrellion! From tests it looks like confusion stacking is a viable counter to "invincible" point defenders as well. Anyone else hate those Guardian bubbles?

1983 days ago

Very fun build. I think it'll work great with my play-group.

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