The Mesmer Crit/Condition pvp build!


Hello this is my first guide. I've made this because I wanted to share my fun and best build I've tried to far, I think its great because of the Utility and damage and survival it has. You get the great Utility from the Moa Morph and the fact you can teleport to low damage people for great escape. Also the damage is just.... I'll let you find out your self more fun. I use bleed on crit on all my weapons because i just want bleeds up for sure 100% of the time. Decoy is just so much fun though, I use all clones and Phantasms then decoy for the stealth and its just so funny.
Thank you for reading this guide and looking at it, please give feed back.
Enjoy :)
Author: dave610
Tags: PvP, Fun, Crit, Condition
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Type: PVP
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1992 days ago

put the 15 points from choas into domination. Taking choas will remove toughness but id rather go with empowered illusions over debilitating dissipation. This will also increase your attack for your duelist and using your pistol stun which does 2s of daze will also now put 8 seconds of vulnerability which will lower defense.

1980 days ago

drop the dual crit sigils on the weps since they dont stack
mass invis is pretty gd with rune of lyssa - pretty handy for a get away with the stacks of swiftness applied while stealth. u still get the prec and 10%con duration

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