Thief Survivability / Crit Dual Daggers Build


It has very high survivability, because it has many stealths and blinds, thanks to Cloaked in Shadow, but also because it has 21k HP and a fair bit of toughness as well, so even if you get caught you won't drop fast.

Offensivly, this build relies heavily on crits.

In this build, Steal is an important skill. It stealths you, blinds nearby enemies, shadowsteps to your target AND grants you Swiftness, Might and Fury. Because of the stealth your next skill after a Steal has 50% increased crit chance, making Steal an important opener.

Author: helts
Tags: thief stealth survivability tank steal crit
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2020 days ago

A survivability build without 30 points in acrobatics is a joke my friend.

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