Universal Elementalist


UNIVERSAL Critical Madness

This is an excelent trait system i found to work really well in ALL situations; PvP, PvE, WvWvW, Dungeons..etc. Dagger/Dagger is the ideal set-up to use, BUT Sceptre Dagger/ and Staff can work as well.

If you have any question about the build, just tell me! My ingame name is Emit Redrum, dont be affraid to shoot a PM. :) Hope ya'll enjoy!

In my world, it's always
Emit Redrum

POST NOTE: If you like this build, or think it has potential (I highly recommend trying it out! :) ) Please rate it. Whether good or bad, a rate is very appreciated. :) Also, ANY COMMENTS is very appreciated. I hope you all enjoy the universal trait system. ^_^

Author: Emit Redrum
Tags: PvP, PvE, WvWvW, Critical, Madness, Universal
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1948 days ago

With this build you will die in about 30secs to conditions.

1947 days ago

I'm unsure about the way you play, but i live just fine. In a lot of the cases, i live longer than the allied guardian with me in dungeon. There is a lot of self heal, along w/ self heal /sec which takes care of the long conditions inflicted by some bosses. If you choose to stand in people's the aoe though, then i suppose yes, you will die. Overal, your comment is flawed. Want a demo? Pm me. :)

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