Unkillable Retaliation Guardian Build. LF Advice



Ultimate survivability. Very High healing, High armor/toughness, and greatsword + retaliation dmg = death. I almost always win 1v2s against everything unless against a mesmer.

Retaliation has a near 100% up-time for traits/aegis and from the greatsword symbol.

Mace/focus is purely for defensive/healing purposes. You usually want to be in greatsword mode for dmg.

Only downside of this spec is pretty low health even for guardian standards and baseline crit.

The stats are only slightly off and im too lazy to post the actual stuff from in-game.

Advice/suggestions welcome.

Author: SuperomegaOP
Tags: Guardians are cool?
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Type: PVP
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1948 days ago

Very good Build. Good job. Thank you.

1939 days ago

Oh I love this specc. Will play it for some time and try to find some upgrades ;)

1936 days ago

Multi Sigil of Life do not stack, suggest change

1700 days ago

Love this build so far but I'm just curious what type of armor do you use with it? (toughness, healing power, power, etc.)

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