Whac's Mancer - Minions, Marks, Kills


pvp necromancer damage Minions, marks, enough crit, decent durability

Skill on key 6 isn't correct on this website, it's better in game. Heal every hit, and a big heal when you need it. Minions are tough and their skills regen faster. What more could you want.

Don't forget, with a lot of mancer skills you gain health. So not only are you tough, but you have a study diet of health coming in as well. NO WAY you are a tank, but you do stay alive decently.

Please comment, giving constructive feedback. Appreciate all of it.

Modified weapons as well, axe for power, horn for extra speed, Staff for marks.

Have played at least 20 matchs now, this is working wonderfully. Like all builds, learn to dodge, leaves a blood mark, heals you and pets.

Keep all available pets alive, but don't forget you have 2 bone minions, that blow up doing decent damage.

Changed Elite to Lich, has cool skills, doubles your hp, too help Lich and Death Shroud, changed Death Magic last option to Dark Armor - 400 Toughness, keeps you up longer.

Modified sigils for crit and damage.

NOTE: Blood Fiend for your heal pet, when you "sacrifice" it you heal for 6739 (more consistent heal), plus it does some damage and some healing.

9/10/12 update: Changed to Death's Embrace 50% more damage when down, and Quickening Thirst (speed increase when carrying dagger)

Author: Whac
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